Hosted SIP
  • A hosted telephony service – all the features for a low monthly rental
  • The phones plug into a broadband connection only
  • No need for extra lines and the associated rental
  • Users can be anywhere there is reliable broadband
  • No need for a fixed office location

The advantages of hosted

  • Move offices without changing your number
  • Disaster recovery options – if you cannot get to your office, divert to another location
  • Have different numbers for different geographical areas that you service or advertise in
  • Co-locate your extension – same number in the office and at home

The features of hosted

  • Built-in Audio and Web Conferencing
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), allowing users to log in and out of call queues
  • Voicemail with the option to forward voicemails to email
  • Simultaneous ringing of your extension and a mobile
  • Easily access and change the facilities on your phone from a web browser
  • Administrative access to all extensions, Hunt Groups and ACD
  • Multi-party conference facility – you have your own number for people to call for a conference – no need for expensive external conference services
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